Beautiful Music – Appropriate Movement – Modest Costumes

We follow the philosophies of Candy Fowler, founder of Southwest Dance Theatre, and Virginia Tanner, a pioneer in children’s creative and modern dance.

“Our dancers know … that they are loved … that they are important … that they have their own statement, their own music, their own dance waiting to be created. Southwest Dance Theatre is a lab for young, inventive mindsWe are the keepers of innocence, the makers of dreams.”
Candy Fowler, Southwest Dance Theatre founder

“The motivating force behind my work is not only developing excellent dancers, but more importantly, developing children who are useful, imaginative, worthwhile human beings.”
Virginia Tanner, Dance Theatre of children founder

These philosophies are the foundation of Southwest Dance Company. Our dance classes take a holistic approach of teaching, learning, and respecting each dancers’ individual development level and needs. Our dance studio is a sanctuary for children.  A place where your child can step into an environment which nurtures positive growth and development with beautiful music, appropriate movement, and modest costumes.  Southwest Dance Company is the exclusive modern dance studio in St. George, UT since 1982.

Our faculty members have many years of experience teaching children’s creative, modern dance.  The focus of our dance studio is to instruct your child in children’s creative, modern dance. Our dance curriculum is created for age-appropriate dance instruction for each individual age group of children. It is a progressive technical experience for each individual.  By the end of the year, you will see tremendous growth in your dancer and their technical abilities.  Our annual dance concert in June is a wonderful setting for you to observe this development in your child’s movement.

Part of our modern dance curriculum also contains dance history from modern dancers throughout the ages.  This year we will be focusing on Jose Limon, Merce Cunningham, Alwin Nikolais, & Murray Louis.  This is a great way for your dancer to know that there is a purpose behind why they dance the way they do and also gives our teachers a chance to teach about the famous dancers that they learned about during their training.

Our annual dance concert in June is a 2 night event and is sure to please.  We have had many compliments on our past concerts and we love to carry on the tradition of performing a full dance play based on a children’s story, book, or fairy tale.